Month: July 2019

Blitz CC Games #8

The tournament is over. This last group of games have limited interest, and are given only for the sake of completeness. I ended up scoring 42/42 (table points 126), which was enough to win the tournament by a comfortable margin. I have mixed feelings/thoughts about the tournament. The reflection time format (1 day reflection, 7…

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Blitz CC Games #7

Things are slowly winding down in the tournament. After this group of games, I have but a handful left to finish. The pace has slowed down to a crawl, which is refreshing. I’m starting to see the DMD rear its ugly head in a couple of games – but I suppose that is to be…

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Blitz CC Games #6

I guess I was kind of a “ringer” in this tournament. My RHP rating was 1660, provisional (first 20 rated games at the site) – which was seriously under my actual cc strength. I did not intentionally deceive anyone, however. My profile page summed up everything about my chess history, including my ICCF Titles. I’m…

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Blitz CC Games #5

At this point in the tournament, I felt that I was getting a better handle on the games, could devote more time in study of the positions, and started playing some decent moves and combinations. For me, the number of pending games is directly related to how well I play. The less pressure I feel,…

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Blitz CC Games #4

What’s in a user name? My handle for this tournament is johnsim03, which probably looks odd to other folks who don’t know me. Initially, it was designed to make it easy for me to remember it. First name-ICCF title-Year (last two digits) it was awarded. When I achieve Grandmaster, of course, I will change it…

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Blitz CC Games #3

Some of my opponents in this tournament have hundreds of games ongoing. Can you imagine that? Most of these would likely be with time controls which aren’t so fast, say three or seven days’ reflection time per move, but who knows? Still, it makes you wonder how a player could cope with so many games…

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Blitz CC Games #2

Again, not for the feint of heart. Under my theory, as the number of games pending from the tournament decreases, the quality of the play should increase, at least from my perspective. We’ll see. My score improved to 10/10, with 32 games remaining.

Blitz CC Games #1

Because of the number of games involved in this tournament, I thought the best way to present them would be in order of completion, five or six at a time. Ratings given are Red Hot Pawn ratings. Beware: There are many piece offerings, blunders and bloopers in these games – not for the feint of…

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Blitz Correspondence Chess?!

I recently started an interesting tournament at the Red Hot Pawn server. It might make traditional correspondence chess players cringe, but I like unusual playing formats. Here is the format of this open tournament: 22 players of various playing levels. 2 games against each opponent; one with White and one with Black. One day reflection…

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