A Correspondence Chess Simultaneous Exhibition

It isn’t too often that you see a simultaneous exhibition
in correspondence chess. Unless, that is, if you count that poor soul
who carries a heavy game load… In that case, every move that
is made must seem like some sort of simul!

I’m showing a deliberate exhibition where the master contends with
x number of players simultaneously in correspondence chess. I’m not
sure who first came up with the idea, Austin from the SchemingMind
playing server, or me. I saw it as an interesting opportunity to promote
correspondence chess. It was me against 10 Scheming Mind players,
of various playing ability. All games were played simultaneously.

Online playing servers greatly simplify the life of a cc player.
I was determined to take the exhibition seriously, and give it
my best effort. I worked hard on the games. I found myself slipping
in some of the games, so I had the classic problem of trying to knock
out the lower boards quickly in able to devote more time to the higher ones.

Although I was somewhat happy with the final result (+8 =2 -0 for
a score of 9/10), I was not particularly happy with the standard of my
play in all of the games…

So here it is – the exhibition in starting board order.

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