Blitz CC Games #3

Some of my opponents in this tournament have hundreds of games ongoing. Can you imagine that? Most of these would likely be with time controls which aren’t so fast, say three or seven days’ reflection time per move, but who knows? Still, it makes you wonder how a player could cope with so many games at once. I suspect that the answer is that they don’t cope very well, as a general rule. Which is okay, if you are not concerned with improving your play or winning tournaments. Every person is different, but if a seasoned cc player is somewhat intimidated with 40+ games going on at once, how would that same player feel about 400+ ongoing games? Someone should do a serious study on players who carry so many games, particularly in the motivational sense. I think the results of such a study might be fascinating.

Red Hot Pawn has some interesting time control configurations for the tournaments it offers. How about 0 days reflection time, with a 21 day time bank for the entire game? The crucial playing strategy, apparently, would be to discover your opponent’s sleeping/working patterns, and then you would try and move during those times, in order to make sure he or she uses as much of the hourly server clock as possible. My goodness, is that correspondence chess? I’m glad I chose a tournament with 1 day reflection time with a 7 day time bank reserve, for my initial tournament. It boggles the mind when considering the 0/21 day formula, because you can have up to 22 opponents (42 games) in the tournament!

My score improved to 16/16, with 26 games remaining.

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