Blitz CC Games #5

At this point in the tournament, I felt that I was getting a better handle on the games, could devote more time in study of the positions, and started playing some decent moves and combinations. For me, the number of pending games is directly related to how well I play. The less pressure I feel, because of the load, the better.

There are actually three games below that are decent quality. The Latvian Gambit against krugerand; the miniature against Arayn; and the game against ZorroTheFox. The miniature features a classic King hunt after my opponent weakened his game with Kingside pawn moves. Once you deny the King the ability to castle, and get him walking, it’s often a matter of just deciding what piece(s) to sacrifice to further the inevitable mating combination.

It was also at this point where I thought I had a good chance to win the tournament, despite the fact that some of my toughest games were not yet resolved.

My score improved to 27/27, with 15 games remaining.

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