Blitz CC Games #6

I guess I was kind of a “ringer” in this tournament. My RHP rating was 1660, provisional (first 20 rated games at the site) – which was seriously under my actual cc strength. I did not intentionally deceive anyone, however. My profile page summed up everything about my chess history, including my ICCF Titles. I’m not sure if anyone looked me up, but I suppose that was likely once an opponent realized that I don’t usually drop pieces in cc, or make horrible positional moves. I’ve always believed that being ranked lower in the start table in a tournament is an advantage, rather than a disadvantage‚Ķ

I knew that my main rival in the tournament would be NN Cheap, who was
creeping above ELO 2200 while we were playing our games. While glancing at his statistics, I noticed that it had been a long, long time since he lost a game. Every once and awhile, someone would nick him for a draw, but he had very few losses. NN Cheap pulled off a long series of quick wins, and was the table leader by the time our games completed. Clearly, in the competitive sense, he was the guy to beat if I hoped to win the tournament.

My score improved to 33/33 with 9 games remaining.

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