Blitz CC Games #7

Things are slowly winding down in the tournament. After this group of games, I have but a handful left to finish. The pace has slowed down to a crawl, which is refreshing. I’m starting to see the DMD rear its ugly head in a couple of games – but I suppose that is to be expected.

Earlier I said that the hectic pace had the feel of over the board chess, but there are important differences. At RHP, in this tournament, you can use your time bank of 7 days, as well as a vacation time out (only available to subscribers, 18 days per calendar year). So, delaying tactics are possible. Unlike fine wine, bad chess positions do not improve with age.

I’ve also been surprised at the number of opponents who have wanted to blitz their moves, which, I suppose, fits right into my style of play. I am retired, have plenty of time to work on moves, and enjoy opening research and working out my plans. The problem with blitzing your moves is that you can’t take them back, once they are played. I never get intimidated when an opponent blitzes moves. I look on it as an opportunity.

I have this vision of someone with 400-500 games pending on RHP getting up in the morning, fixing coffee, firing up the old lap top (or smart phone), going to their games inbox, and making moves (least time to move first), one after another, for hours on end. By the time you get done with your moves, probably at least half of your opponents have moved again, and the cycle repeats itself. Seems like Dante’s Inferno to me, but – you know – different strokes for different folks. I would absolutely love to interview someone who actually does this – they are out there…

My score improved to 37/37, with 5 games remaining.

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