Assembling Chess IV Published

Welcome to Assembling Chess IV. In it, we continue our eclectic mix of Chess games, analysis, philosophy, humor, and fiction. If you like reading about Chess, the Assembling Chess series of books should interest you.

Hopefully, it will also entertain you. If this is accomplished, then I have achieved my purpose as Editor.

Chapters: Letter From A Chess-Player’s Wife; A Fasciculus Of Chess Wrinkles; The 64-Square Madhouse; The Automaton Chess-Player; The Game Of Life; The Not Fragile Gambit; In Praise Of Chess; A Correspondence Chess Simultaneous Exhibition; Caissa; Blitz Correspondence Chess?! A Diary; Player Index; ECO Index.
264 pages, 92 games, 71 diagrams. Figurine Algebraic Notation.

ISBN-13 : 979-8688503715

Available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats in many countries.