Four New Paperback Books Published

It has been a busy year… The following new paperback books have been published, all available from Amazon in many countries.

In the Trenches – The Golden Age of Modern Correspondence Chess – 2020. Independent
ISBN – 10: 8550255445 ISBN-13: 979-8550255445
Paperback, 8 1/2x 11, 456 pages, 572 annotated games, 573 diagrams, Figurine Algebraic Notation

In the Trenches is about the golden era of modern correspondence chess, i.e. around the year 2000. Email chess was King, only to be replaced a few years later with server-based correspondence chess. Enjoy these battles between serious players as they give no quarter and fight for every point in the crosstable. At this time, chess engine use was not an overly important factor in high level games, and fewer draws were the result. All master-level games, almost all decisive.

Correspondence Chess Follies – 2017. 2020. Independent
ISBN – 10: 8577995942 ISBN-13: 979-8577995942
Paperback, 8 1/2x 11, 490 pages, 418 annotated games, 566 diagrams, Figurine Algebraic Notation

Correspondence chess has the reputation of being the more scientific (perfect, if you like) form of the game. Reflection time is measured in days, instead of minutes. Research and engine use are permitted in most organizations. In theory, the games should be of a uniformly high standard – much higher than your average over the board tournament.

This volume includes 418 annotated games, taken from actual correspondence chess matches and tournaments. All of them were either started or ended in the year 2017. They all feature blunders, miniatures, and mates.

There are beginner games – of course, but not all of them feature correspondence chess newcomers.

It is hoped that this annual series of books will help the new player avoid the common mistakes when entering the wonderful world of correspondence chess. Middle-level players may also benefit from studying the types of blunder patterns evidenced in this book. We all make mistakes. With practice and good work habits (use the research tools available to you!) you will drastically reduce errors and your correspondence chess career will take off to a new, higher level!

Correspondence Chess Follies – 2018. 2020. Independent
ISBN – 10: 8573234380 ISBN-13: 979-8573234380
Paperback, 8 1/2x 11, 412 pages, 329 annotated games, 447 diagrams, Figurine Algebraic Notation

The series continues…

Correspondence Chess Follies – 2019. 2020. Independent
ISBN – 10: 8567806319 ISBN-13: 979-8567806319
Paperback, 8 1/2x 11, 412 pages, 323 annotated games, 400 diagrams, Figurine Algebraic Notation

The series continues…

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