Chess Upsets 2018-2019 Published

Paperback, 600 pages, 6×9 inches,
202 annotated games, 432 diagrams,
Figurine Algebraic Notation (FAN)

ISBN 10: 8584185879
ISBN 13: 979-8584185879

Sometimes, the underdog wins!

Explore the unusual circumstance when the heavily out-rated player rises up, gets to work and defeats his (or her) lofty opponent.

These games are an inspiration for every player about to face a “superior chess intellect” in a tournament game. You do not have to worry, and, you do not have to go quietly into the night. You can fight! In these games, the pre-game favorite loses.

Selected from tournaments which took place in 2018 and 2019. 202 annotated games. Figurine Algebraic Notation (FAN). 432 diagrams. Player and ECO Indexes.

Includes the short story, The Second Round.

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