Chess Crossword #1 (Easy)

by John C. Knudsen

Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
1    2                
          3       4   
7      8        9        
12    13      14            
     17       18        


1. Garry, a politician.
5. A world champion Cuba was proud of.
7. Ends the game.
9. A horseman who always defends the King and Queen.
11. Something new in the opening.
12. The beginning of the game.
15. A man associated with pride and sorrow.
16. A majesty who must be protected always.
17. Clerical piece that moves diagonally.
19. Not the rock group but very powerful.


2. Your opponent cannot move - results in a draw.
3. German world champion.
4. "Going ____"; but not in a bad way or in a place you mail letters.
6. An American prodigy who became a citizen of Iceland.
8. Karpov was his nemesis.
10. The stamp collector world champion.
13. A tool which often beats humans at chess.
14. A sacrifice in the opening.
18. A lowly peasant with promotion potential.